Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-04-17

  • Good luck dude! RT @Fiachmusic: I'll be performing upstairs in @Tower_Records today in the Acoustic Cafe at 4.30pm for Record Store Day #
  • Rien à faire @Peachbiscuit ? Je t'envoie . C'est le plus important site de nos vies. #
  • #ff @gorgeouscolours @iviART @Fiachmusic @GaryDunne @SimonsPlacecafe @swearimnotpaul @PTGphotos @BoBDixonPhotos @PWRadio @FeaturedArtists #
  • Chantilly est si charmante. Il fait beau en ce moment aussi. Alors… Nous mangeons… #
  • Back on terra firma. Need sleep! Thanks to all who came out for our shows. 'twas special. We had an absolute blast. Diky! #
  • The wonderful club we're playing tonight in Olomouc… #
  • Back in Wien, waiting for a train to Warsaw, which will help take us into Czech again. Onwards to Olomouc! Really enjoying the shows. #

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-04-10

  • Wifi has been hard to find, but the shows have been great. Wien and Litomerice done. Brno tonight! #
  • …and we're on tour. Up at 5am with 2.5hrs sleep. Excited, despite being charged 2.50 for a danish. Roll on horrid morning flight! #
  • Should be packing for eastern europe. Instead I'm watching football. #procrastination #
  • Excellent piece on viral video & an unexpected side effect of the writers' strike by @amandapalmer:" #
  • Hmm. Android twitter app has problems with sending drafts! #
  • Bye bye english grand slam. Ireland taking them apart in Lansdowne. #
  • Par for the course among semi states @brianmlucey: This can't be true can it? Coillte hasn't planted a tree since 2002? #
  • Anyone know what the Irish govt's "new diplomatic initiative" in the EU might be? Might I suggest standing up for us for a change? #

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-03-27

  • "Herdl'derpress? … Herdlederpress?", they seemed to call. I almost miss that. #dublin #nostalgia #newspapers #
  • Just had a heated argument with a Monty Hall Problem sceptic. There's no convincing some people. #mathemagics #
  • Here's a lovely piece on our east european tour for those fluent in slovakian! @iviART @tigercooke #
  • Just saw a trailer for PS I Love You. How could Butler get an Irish accent so wrong? Should we not be taking legal action as a nation? #
  • Wish we had credit card type driving licences in Ireland. These pink slips of paper are bloody useless. #
  • Tribunal cost €130m & wasted a decade. No more tribunals. Arrest them or stop wasting millions. What the hell have we gained?! #
  • Has anyone thought of forcing "nuclear is completely safe" lobbyists & campaigners to help stop the Fukoshima meltdown? #nuclear #
  • How does the new generation have more potential than the last?! All the rousing, yet meaningless statements are really grating. #frontline #
  • "Change is happening" apparently, but the civil service still has days to celebrate Empire Day and the King's Birthday. SHAME! #frontline #

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-03-20

  • Great celebration at Lansdowne Rd today. Well done Ireland. Allez les Verts! Who needs a trophy? #
  • Playing a solo opener in Draíocht, Blanchardstown, tonight, if anyone's in the vicinity. Drop in! #
  • This could be huge! RT @PasteMagazine: Obama Administration Push For Radio Royalties #
  • I concur! Looks fantastic. RT @roricam: Finished the first cut of the new @tigercooke video 'Your True North'. Very happy… #
  • Irish Times opinion piece on nuclear power. Glad to see it. I'm sick of the lobbyists, lies and cover-ups. #
  • The nuclear news coming out of japan is terrifying. (via the guardian's live blog) Totally safe and clean power it is not. #
  • Just watched the a rough cut minute of our new video. The words amazeballs and professional come to mind. (Words I prob. won't use together) #

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-03-13

  • Can't believe how poor that decision was. Worst touch judge ever. Not one, but two blatant breaches of the rule. #shortlineout #
  • From the Guardian: "For informed commentary on the nuclear reactor problems in Japan… follow @arclight who appears to know the stuff." #
  • Nuclear energy frightens the bejesus out of me. Really hope the Japanese can keep the reactors under control. My thoughts are with them. #
  • Lovely show in Odessa tonight with Dave Redmond and Pearse McGloughlin. Thanks to everyone who braved the rain and hail! #
  • Fortune, not Forbes! Fascinating article on @conanobrien and his accidental digital insurrection in Forbes magazine. Heartening. #
  • Fascinating article on @conanobrien and his accidental digital insurrection in Forbes magazine. Heartening. #
  • Playing Odessa with Dave Redmond tomorrow eve at 8.30pm ( The wünderbar Pearse McGloughlin will be opening the show. #
  • All down to Willy O'Dea's for hash wednesday tomorrow! #
  • Some (frozen) stills from the video shoot last night : #
  • Amazed how many people can't click unsubscribe on a mailing list. Why did I bother inventing the spinning jenny?! #Luddites #
  • Thawing out finally after a cruel and unusual video shoot with @roricam on a freezing night in Dublin. Snaps to follow soon… #
  • Damn thee, o dark n' drizzley morning! Filming of new video postponed 'til later… Back to bed for tigger. #

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-03-06

  • Getting authors to sign my kindle at the Dublin Book Festival. #
  • "The docility of the Irish public is not helping" – Vanity Fair writer,michael lewis on newstalk #
  • Author of Vanity Fair's Irish article is on newstalk in a minute. @davidmcw #
  • Sage advice just received : "fonce, fonce, fonce… on ne vit qu'une fois…". I will. #
  • Best thing about Tremé is the almost non-stop Dr John soundtrack. Wass better, I axe ya? #
  • Posters going up very late for a stripped down show at Odessa in Dublin on Thursday 10th March. Join myself & Dave! #
  • #ff @olganunes @businesstoarts @MELANIEPAIN @mellesmixtape @benallisonmusic @peachbiscuit @French_Kiss_ @marklittlenews @nmcmahon @davidmcw #
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  • "She made as much tea, as would flow a ship ta america" – rte r1 documentary #

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-02-27

  • #
  • Turnout: 69.9% in Irish election. Although it's probably closer to 100% when you take into account the electorate who've already emigrated. #
  • Questions are a burden to others; answers a prison for oneself. #
  • The lack of detail & universal rejection of default by the major parties as an option scares me. And who's the lúdramán poker player? #VinB #
  • So what does everyone think of radiohead's latest price model? Has the "in rainbows" one been abandoned because it didn't work? #