Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-03-27

  • "Herdl'derpress? … Herdlederpress?", they seemed to call. I almost miss that. #dublin #nostalgia #newspapers #
  • Just had a heated argument with a Monty Hall Problem sceptic. There's no convincing some people. #mathemagics #
  • Here's a lovely piece on our east european tour for those fluent in slovakian! @iviART @tigercooke #
  • Just saw a trailer for PS I Love You. How could Butler get an Irish accent so wrong? Should we not be taking legal action as a nation? #
  • Wish we had credit card type driving licences in Ireland. These pink slips of paper are bloody useless. #
  • Tribunal cost €130m & wasted a decade. No more tribunals. Arrest them or stop wasting millions. What the hell have we gained?! #
  • Has anyone thought of forcing "nuclear is completely safe" lobbyists & campaigners to help stop the Fukoshima meltdown? #nuclear #
  • How does the new generation have more potential than the last?! All the rousing, yet meaningless statements are really grating. #frontline #
  • "Change is happening" apparently, but the civil service still has days to celebrate Empire Day and the King's Birthday. SHAME! #frontline #

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