Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-04-17

  • Good luck dude! RT @Fiachmusic: I'll be performing upstairs in @Tower_Records today in the Acoustic Cafe at 4.30pm for Record Store Day #
  • Rien à faire @Peachbiscuit ? Je t'envoie . C'est le plus important site de nos vies. #
  • #ff @gorgeouscolours @iviART @Fiachmusic @GaryDunne @SimonsPlacecafe @swearimnotpaul @PTGphotos @BoBDixonPhotos @PWRadio @FeaturedArtists #
  • Chantilly est si charmante. Il fait beau en ce moment aussi. Alors… Nous mangeons… #
  • Back on terra firma. Need sleep! Thanks to all who came out for our shows. 'twas special. We had an absolute blast. Diky! #
  • The wonderful club we're playing tonight in Olomouc… #
  • Back in Wien, waiting for a train to Warsaw, which will help take us into Czech again. Onwards to Olomouc! Really enjoying the shows. #

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