Welcome friend,

It’s been a while, but I’m pleased to say that I have some new tunes in the pot. I’m currently writing and making strange-sounding demos in my home studio. I’ll be releasing very rough early demos of these songs to mailing list members (and new subscribers) in 2018, so you can get a peek into the process (merciful hour). Of course, you may fall in love with these rough diamonds and later rail against the slick west-coast production quality of the official release, and declare that you “preferred the earlier stuff”… or more likely, you’ll thank Zeus himself that there are amazing musicians who can turn my collection of demos into a thing of beauty.

In the meantime, make yourself at home, and take a look around. There’s a beautiful video of an acoustic performance of “Lie if you must” which my friends at Indieror filmed in Chaves, Portugal before a show with John Smith in May 2017. Or you could seek out some earworms on the music page, such as “Out of Reach” from my second album Fingertips Of The Silversmith.

Stay safe out there,