Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-10-10

  • Irish banking hours are insulting. How many more billion do they need in order to open at useful hours? #
  • Nice to see Keane's still worthy of an Olympic medal for diving. #
  • Fitch @fitch_ratings calling for "more evictions" by banks in Ireland. Immoral illogical evil morons. Same idiots who rated junkbonds as AAA #
  • I'd like to replace "Americans" with "We all" in that last tweet. Business is great, but it can't be trusted to serve our best interests. #
  • Eating a curry which is measured in becquerels. Gone temporarily blind and have lost feeling in the facial area. Yum. #
  • Today was a good day. More dates to be announced shortly. #
  • RT @TheDailyShow "It's far enough from Ground Zero for us to have Aasif at the event" Jon Stewart on the location of Rally to Restore Sanity #
  • This is unusual. RT @guardianmusic: Weezer fans offer $10m for them to call it a day. It's what fans are for, right? #
  • Nice little plug and write up from Indie Limerick for the new album : #
  • Nice little plug on Golden Plec. RT @goldenplec: News: Tiger Cooke to release third album #
  • YES! I optimized my #wordpress site's performance using the W3 Total Cache #plugin by @w3edge. Check it out! #
  • Posted a new song: "Out Of Reach" #
  • RT @garydunne: Go & buy @tigercooke's new album lovely feel-good factor from supporting great independent music. #
  • Found out that Le Batofar in Paris (, where I enjoyed a few pints, was actually Irish 'til 1998. Nuts. #
  • RT @iviART: music so excellent i just happily paid for it: #

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