Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-10-03

  • I find it offensive that Ahern is being advertised by the News of the World. He should've been the first forced to emigrate for work. #
  • In a Starbucks availing of free wifi, sitting beside a wall that moves at least one inch everytime the bathroom door closes. #ShoddyTed #
  • Fás being crucified on The Late Late, RTE1. Decades too late. #
  • This 80s revival is mad. Synths, bleached hair, high unemployment, mass emigration. Almost makes me want to queue for a U2 album. #
  • RT @dannifromdublin: Love it RT @UnaMullally: Front page of Irish Star tomorrow. This you have to see: #
  • RTE News: €30bn could pay for the HSE for 2 yrs. What?! So the Anglo banking disaster costs the same as our biannual health bill?! #
  • #ideasforireland How about a return to piracy as our main source of income? Ah, the good old pre-christian days. #
  • Have a scorching searing sore throat. No fun. Need to get better before the Spirit Store tomorrow. Send honey and lemon vibrations, please! #
  • RT @CheekyPamela: Wanna hear Out of Reach on the wireless? Gonna give it a shpin around 3:40… ( or 100-102FM) #
  • Tiger Cooke has a show coming up on 2010-09-29 at 20:00 @ Spirit Store in Dundalk #
  • Great article by @davidmcw on what Iceland did right, and what Ireland's still doing wrong. #
  • The mistakes or songs? RT @PWRadio: @tigercooke RT"Albums in hand! Can't wait to spot the mistakes." I can't wait to broadcast them. 🙂 #
  • Albums in hand! Can't wait to spot the mistakes. #
  • Tiger Cooke has a show coming up on 2010-09-28 at 20:00 @ The Cellar Sessions in Kilkenny #

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