Tadhg to Tiger over on Friendface

Greetings dear readers…

This is just a short note to notify of a slight change to our internet presence. Facebook, despite appeals from all quarters, refuses to allow page names to be changed. This means that our Tadhg Cooke page cannot become “Tiger Cooke”. Slightly annoying, and not very consistent – in an age when consistency is really required (although admittedly not often shown).
So we’ve set up a brand new page called, yes, you’ve guessed it : Tiger Cooke. There’s a little link box on the right hand side of this page. Yes, that’s over there! –>
Please do join us, and help spread the word, so we don’t feel so lonely. It’s tough starting from scratch.

Dear FriendFace. Please move to Tiger Cooke. Thank you.

In other news, there are things afoot behind the scenes here. All will be revealed soon – but keep your eyes peeled in Dublin in the next two months. Also, I must post some tales from our New York/Philadelphia shows in March. Myself and Tony Maceli enjoyed three fantastic shows at three great venues. We have some photos, and more have been promised to us. (If you have any yourself – please do send them on!)

More soon – I promise!



A Need for Speed

It’s been a while since I’ve written, but I’ve been toiling away in the background. I pledge more frequent updates…

You may notice some new additions to the site, and there are more pages and info to come, but the most significant change is in the speed department. The website was quite slow for a number of reasons, which I will avoid for reasons of brevity and sanity. Suffice to say, things are running more smoothly now and quite rapidly, thanks to some lengthy trial-and-error testing.

Also, the banner has been tweaked to include “Tiger Cooke” as well as the old name. [EDIT : I wanted to include the Japanese text for Tadhg Cooke too, but it’ll take me a while to get the right fonts and characters. I’ll have to get it checked first too. I don’t want to inadvertently start trouble. For entertaining mistranslations in the other direction, try Engrish.com.]

We’ll be adding some tabs/chords for songs soon. I’ve been meaning to do it for some time now – so I’m going to try to do one a week. I might try to leave the comments sections open, so that people can add their own questions, attempts or even refinements. Which reminds me that we’ve enabled comments on these posts, so do feel free to say hello or offer your own take on proceedings.

In other news, I’m suffering a rather persistent and annoying cold and sore throat. So, while resting up this evening, I watched a documentary on the Wall Street Crash, which was interesting but for one interviewee who kept repeating – “which was amazing, because it’s exactly what’s happening now”. Yes. We get it. It’s hard not to, because it’s right there in front of you every time you turn on the tellybox. Aside from the obvious horrors that come with economic meltdown though (like Hoovervilles and mass lay-offs), it was amusing to note that when Roosevelt was asked why he’d appointed a crook like Joe Kennedy Snr as head of the SEC (in order to reform the stock market in the hope of preventing a future collapse), he replied that “it takes one to catch one”. It seems Roosevelt was right though. Had the SEC continued doing their job, the global economy wouldn’t be in such a dire state. Where are all the crooks when you need one?

That’s all for now,

Finally, a bar!

A navigation bar, that is.  So… after much brain-munching, code-related hacking, we’ve finally sorted out the navigation bar/menu.  Everything’s now functional.  We’ll be tinkering with the colour scheme a little, but we’re almost there.  (If you’re viewing this in Internet Explorer, you’ll notice that things aren’t aligned exactly.  That’s because the wonderful folk at Microsoft continue to create browsers that defy web standards.  If you’d like to experience the web as it should be, I’d recommend Google’s brand new browser Chrome, Mozilla’s fantastic Firefox or Safari for the Mac.  And that concludes the compatibility rant.)

New content will be added to the website asap, and normal service will resume shortly.

That is all. Slán for now, T

Sheep on the line

A few years ago some friends and I were on a train to Galway city, successfully convincing a bunch of foreigners that we, Ireland, had progressed and we were no longer a backward country.  We were the children of the Celtic Tiger.  The cosmopolitan lunatic offspring of (possibly) the last generation of hard-working Irish people.  With one deft announcement however, our house of cards collapsed onto the formica Iarnród Eireann (Irish Rail) table top between our seats…  “Ladies & Gentlemen….  Sorry for the delay…. we’ll be moving again shortly… there’s sheep on the line”.

In much the same way (okay, so there’s not much of a link here, but work with me!) … I’ve been knocking my head against a brick wall with this redesign.  I finally figured out what was causing the site’s loss of speed – some poorly written menu code.  So, while the site is now running at a healthy speed, it’s currently without a menu – so I have to make one from scratch.  If anyone needs me I’ll be bludgeoning myself to death with a keyboard.

In other news, my cousin’s band, The Gorgeous Colours, are launching their album on Saturday night in Whelan’s.  (That’s today.  Time flies!)  Do join us – it’ll be whopper.

That’s all for now,


Letter from the coalface…

Greetings, O Patient Ones!

Well, after a great deal of trial and error, we’re nearing completion of the website’s structure.

Over the next few days we’ll be trying to improve the website speed, and we’ll be installing a gallery, finishing the shop (only physical CDs can be sold right now), and setting up a music player. [WARNING: TECHNOPHOBES – PLEASE SKIP THE REMAINDER OF THIS PARAGRAPH] If any techie types out there have any PHP5-related hints for improving load-times, we’d love to hear from you. Currently PHP5 appears to crash both the shop and the menus.

That’s all for the moment. Any ideas or feedback you have would be gratefully received…