Sheep on the line

A few years ago some friends and I were on a train to Galway city, successfully convincing a bunch of foreigners that we, Ireland, had progressed and we were no longer a backward country.  We were the children of the Celtic Tiger.  The cosmopolitan lunatic offspring of (possibly) the last generation of hard-working Irish people.  With one deft announcement however, our house of cards collapsed onto the formica Iarnród Eireann (Irish Rail) table top between our seats…  “Ladies & Gentlemen….  Sorry for the delay…. we’ll be moving again shortly… there’s sheep on the line”.

In much the same way (okay, so there’s not much of a link here, but work with me!) … I’ve been knocking my head against a brick wall with this redesign.  I finally figured out what was causing the site’s loss of speed – some poorly written menu code.  So, while the site is now running at a healthy speed, it’s currently without a menu – so I have to make one from scratch.  If anyone needs me I’ll be bludgeoning myself to death with a keyboard.

In other news, my cousin’s band, The Gorgeous Colours, are launching their album on Saturday night in Whelan’s.  (That’s today.  Time flies!)  Do join us – it’ll be whopper.

That’s all for now,


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