Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-01-16

  • Damn wordpress 3. Can't figure out my domain mapping problem. Neeargh! Sleep, then tackle it tomorrow methinks. Night all! #
  • Taking the path less travelled is all well and good, but my shoes are destroyed. #
  • Sad news. Loved her voice @petepaphides: Remembering Trish Keenan, the Extraordinary Singer for Broadcast #
  • Gas! RT @bosca: Video of Kevin May, Tiger Cooke, Niamh Danger & Heathers singing “Last Christmas” uploaded.: #
  • Watching West Ham player being interviewed on pitch… he's literally steaming. Very strange! #
  • Wandering aimlessly thro the sales I spotted a compilation by WaveMusic featuring one of my songs in Dublin's Brown Thomas. A nice surprise! #

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