Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-12-05

  • RT @WhiteHorseSessh: #followfriday @_dhth @_billcoleman @bandseneca @KennysLahinch @kieranmcmullan @uneamino @TonyHopeIrl @BarnabyBright #
  • Excellent article in The Telegraph about the sh!t Ireland are being force-fed by the EU-IMF-ECB now. #IcelandicRevolt #
  • Open to residents of the Rep of Ireland : Vote for your Top 3 Irish albums of 2010 for Phantom's Icon Show. #
  • The €uro is a lot like Santa Claus. As long as everyone BELIEVES then all is well. #
  • In your face Europe. We used all your money to buy a snow machine. #
  • Got huge kudos just for turning up at Spin 103.8FM for a session today. (It's going out on Friday morn.) Treacherous walk there and back! #
  • You know MySpace has died when an update goes, "Thom Yorke just earned the People Love Me badge." Slightly out of character… #
  • Waiting in Schönefeld for a flight to Dublin already delayed 4 hrs… it's disappeared from Dublin airport departure list. Cause for worry? #
  • "Do you think the deal is too punitive?". Why do journalists ask dumb questions? In what universe would you expect him to answer "yes"? #imf #
  • Terms of EU/IMF rescue package for Ireland 'agreed' Yeay! May all our elected & unelected representatives die roaring. #

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