FAQ : How is Tadhg pronounced?
Answer : It’s pronounced like “tiger” without the “er” sound”…..

Born. Raised. Sang. Bought guitar. Released “The Sparks EP” myself. A-Listed on Phantom FM. Nationwide tour with Bell X1. Recorded debut album in the basement of an old townhouse in Freiburg. Released Wax & Seal in March 2005 in Ireland. Garnered many TV and Radio appearances north and south of the border later, including features on KCRW’s legendary Morning Becomes Eclectic in LA and daily spins from Gerry Anderson’s morning show on BBC Ulster.

The Irish Times said, “Tadhg Cooke’s solo debut crisscrosses so many terrains that your musical compass may quiver with the sheer magnetic challenge of Wax & Seal” and, giving it 4 stars, described the record as “eminently likeable, utterly enviable”. HotPress said “Success and acclaim is very much his for the taking”, and called it “a confident impressive debut”. Pretended this was the plan all along. Grinned knowingly.

Released Live At Saint Kevin’s (Nov 2006), a recording of a secret living room gig, in Ireland.

Released Wax & Seal in Japan (19th November 2006).

Filmed a secret gig in London for the Japanese market (“Live On The Orbital”) with amazing musicians and good friends : Dave Redmond, Colm Quearney (aka Q) and Cora Venus Lunny. The resulting film is now available on YouTube under the title “Live on the Orbital”.

The new album, Fingertips of the Silversmith, will be released on the 24th September 2010. The album was produced by David Geraghty, and features the talents of Kevin Brady, David Redmond,  David Geraghty, Sean Carpio, Colm Quearney, Cora Venus Lunny and Justin Carroll.

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