Ivory Heart

D- Tuning
(D A D F# A D)

The riff throughout the song (which I’ll refer to as “riff” from now on)
is played on the E and A string :

E–0-4-7———3–> and that’s repeated over…

The 3/0 is supposed to mean that when you play the 3, pull your finger off the string letting it ring open (which is zero).
You can play around with it and see what feels most comfortable.

So the verse chords are, in order :

990800 550500 RIFF
vivid were my dreams last night
(same as above) RIFF
a raven in a velveteen parka flew by
550500 202300 RIFF
and plucked out my ivory heart

the Chorus is almost the same but with a different ending…
990800 550500 RIFF
ivory heart where’d you get that
(same as above) RIFF
ivory heart, well i can’t say
550500 440300 330300 220100 330300 110100 RIFF
but i knew it would be the end of me when she plucked out my ivory heart

And so on…

The break chords are…
777777 / 797877 555555 / 575655


and REPEAT that.

The 777777/797877 and the same on 5…. is just a “hammer on”. Basically with your first finger across the 5th fret,
bring your 3rd and 2nd fingers down in an E7 type shape (which would be 020100) … play around with those chords.
you can slide them up and down the fretboard. They’re used a lot in blues songs and lots of songs by led zeppelin, the
rolling stones, the black crowes etc…