26 December 2004

Gru?! I hope you’ve all had a good Christmas. I’m still enjoying mine. The newspaper article in the Badische Zeitung has been translated into English. and you can read it here. The original is here if you’d prefer to read it in German. That’s all for the moment. I’m reading a lot… and, judging by the pile of books in the living room, for the foreseeable future. I’m also planning my spring cleaning. Lots of planning must go into spring cleaning if it’s to be of any use at all. So I’m drawing diagrams and studying flow-charts. It’s actually a huge relief that most music businesses and organisations close down over Christmas. I’m finally catching up on some sleep and regaining some relaxed vibes… God bless bath salts. Sp?ter!

24 December 2004

Happy Chrimbo to all,

I’ve just managed to get some new samples of the album online. These are the final versions.
Also, I’m working on getting some new photos online. I do have some. It’s a question of finding them! With all the madness of the past few weeks my organisation has suffered… and with it, the website.
Anyway, fear not, because I’m working on it now.

Rest up and I’ll see you all in 2005,
13 December 2004

Hey all,

There’s a “making of wax & seal” type video on the “pics” page if you’re interested. You need quicktime to see it (otherwise it will just come out as audio for some reason). The filesizes are huge at the moment. I’ll try and get something smaller for you… but for the moment only people with broadband can view the files… realistically.

5 December 2004

Hey all,

Who’s getting nervous about playing in the Olympia? Me? Nonsense.

I’ve put some lovely new photos from the Wodan Halle gig last month on the site… finally. They’re worth waiting for though. Lovely.

Also, there was an article in the Badische Zeitung in Germany on us and the album etc, that you can read here. Apologies for the poor quality… It’s quite a big thing to scan so it’s a challenge to get it down to a small file size. The Badische Zeitung is, as the name suggests, a newspaper from the Baden region of Germany. It has a circulation of about 400,000. Nicht so schlecht!

Talk soon,
5 December 2004

Hey all,

Sorry I’ve been incommunicado for the last while. I took a few days off to recover from what have been a crazy few weeks.

The tour went very well. It was the first time Niels, our guitarist, flew anywhere. It’s strange for us, but then I suppose when you live on a landmass that stretches from Cherbourg to Vladivostok (insert other cities in here at will) then sure why would you need to fly… anyway… The lads enjoyed the gigs here immensely. They are as someone said a “shit-hot” band. I’m in a really good humour now to tackle the big gig in the Olympia. My aim for that day is to have many lists of things to do completed. They will include everything from “tie shoelaces” to “remember to eat” and of course the imperative “gig supporting BellX1 tonight – yours”.

On the next tour we plan to hit Waterford, Cork, Castlebar, Mullingar, Dundalk, Drogheda, Dublin, Leixlip… and a few other places… Keep an eye out for us. The lads don’t fly german flags, so we’re not all that conspicuous. In fact, perhaps we should offer prizes to those who can spot members of the band. Okay, perhaps the Freiburgers have a bit of an advantage there… We’ll see.

We will be releasing my debut album, “Wax & Seal”, in Ireland with RMG Chart in early 2005. We’ll let you know in plenty of time! The “George’s Street Arcade” single was available on the down-low to people at the gigs. It’s not strictly available yet. If you’d like one, drop me an email. You’ll find the address on the “contact” page.

The site has been undergoing some minor changes unbeknownst to you. Due to some concerns I had with security and privacy, I’ve started using a more secure mailing system. For subscribers to our mailing list: other subscribers will no longer be able to see your email address. The result is that you have a bit more security and it looks a whole lot better too. More changes on the way… we’ll let you know in due course.
Oh by the way, Philipp has a little tour diary in German on a Reamonn fansite. Danke Philipp. That’s a pic of The Stag’s Head. We have some nice pictures from the gigs actually. I will get them online fairly shortly (how’s that for non-committal?)
Talk soon,
12 November 2004

Just got word that we?ll be supporting BellX1 in the Olympia Theatre, Dublin on the 16th December 2004. More details can be gleaned from the gigs page or, if you prefer, from BellX1?s own webpage. It?s great news indeed. Hope to see some of you there.
Talk soon,
11 November 2004

You can read the final entry in the studio diary (this time around!) now. We?ve put together some dates for a tour in Ireland. We?re still working on these, so do check back soon to see if there?s one in your area. Make an effort and come out. We?ll make it worth your while…
Also, watch out for 2 dates in Freiburg that we?re playing before heading to Ireland.
If you spot a gap in our schedule that you know how to fill, drop us a mail!
Talk soon,
12 October 2004

We?re putting together an Irish tour for the 23rd November until the 2nd December 2004. We will be gradually revealing the dates on the gigs page, so check in now and again to see if we have one in your area.
Anyone willing to spread the good word would be very welcome to do so!
Talk to you all later,
8 October 2004

Album coming along nicely, thanks! New entry in Studio Diary. Brand new messageboard online. There will be a few more changes to the website over the next month or so. Most notably to the picture galleries and to the contact page, which will become the messageboard in the interest of keeping everything more unified and easier to use.
Rehearsals with the band are going well. I?ve got another one in an hour or two, so I?m going to get some food first.
Talk to you all later.
17 August 2004

See the Gigs page for details of a new gig on wed 25th August at Dublin’s “Songs from the Parlour”. Juno Falls (formerly Blotooth) are headlining. If you’re around, do call in!
15 August 2004

We have stopped production and have taken a break for the remainder of august. We’ll be back in Germany at the start of september to push the album over the finishing line. Silly season is approaching fast. Everyone is trying to release their albums in the next month or two to get them out before those “beloved” Christmas albums.
For those who haven’t yet spotted it, there are some new photos online in the pictures section. I may add more over the coming days. I have also in most cases credited the photographers, so if I’ve missed anyone (which is quite possible!) don’t hesitate to let me know.
I’ve got some creating to do, so I’ll wander off now. Take care of yourselves!

9 July 2004

Brand new MP3 samples (30 secs approx) of each song in contention for the album provisionally titled “Wax & Seal” are now available on the music page.
Please let us know your thoughts on the messageboard…

Thanks & Take Care
Der Teig

Over the last few years, Tadhg has supported these artists and more : BellX1, Glen Hansard (The Frames), Mundy, Mic Christopher, Maria Doyle Kennedy and band, Dave Geraghty with The Rotators, Damien Dempsey & Sin?ad O’Connor, Damien Rice & Lisa Hannigan, Q a.k.a. Colm Quearney & the Hallucinations, Ron?n O?Sn?daigh (Kila), Jerry Fish (Jerry Fish & the Mudbug Club, An Emotional Fish) & Conor Brady, Ollie Cole (Turn), Neosupervital, Martin Finke, Dave Brown (Picturehouse), Michael Knight, Fairuza, Myles (Juno Falls, Blotooth), The Nude (members of Bigwig & Earthquake Hair), THE TWOMANBAND (featuring Bob Tooke & Jem Finer), …