I sent this to my cousin, so I’ve stolen it back from him, and I’m pasting it here in the hope that it’s of use to somebody. Apologies for the rather informal nature of the description!

Standard tuning. Capo on 2nd fret.

The main verse is a kind of a G thing…
324000, 322000
which repeats over and over and then goes to…
xx7500, xx6500, xx10 9 10 10, xx7577
which is the verse effectively

and then the chorus is …
Am – 002210 (which keeps sliding up to 004430 and back)
to a D – 554030
which goes around three times… and then the chorus ends Am C/B Cmaj7.

The bridge is basically the verse chords… and then in the quiet bit, it goes
002210, 004430, 005050, 004430… and repeats that until it ends on 005050… If you play along with the record you’ll figure it out. I can show ya the next time I see ya with a guitar in the vicinity.