Friday comes with patches that
I stick beneath my sleeve
keeps me saying nothing but it
hurts when I breathe
she’s across the water and my
convictions taken leave
left her warmth and pictures
yeah, she’s my anti-freeze

I want to take her picture
I want to steal her soul
you know it’s true
we all look cooler
in monochrome

I liked it 47 times more than the rest
I’ve been seeing colours
and there’s a shimmer in my step
sweet refrains and deeper veins
elude me now I fret
I got my finger on the release valve
but she could break me yet

There’s so much I’ve yet to learn from you folk
so little concrete to say
you’ve got me stupefied, under-foot and under-thumb
I can’t even understand the words you use
when you use them
but can you tell by my tone
this is not what I planned to grow

Sunday comes in candlelight
and sub-zero degrees
I’m drinking ’til the dawn
comes crawling up around my knees
She came in turmoil and calmed my heavy seas
And swiftly blew a cool heady breeze through me