Know you hate me

I know you hate me, and I don’t really mind
‘cause I stole your money, yeah, I robbed you blind
it’s kind of funny that I did it to you
the girl who robbed my love and stabbed me too
you say I’m lost without you
I’m boring without you
I’ll fall without you

I got a new love breaking me in
Helps me forget about the way I’ve been

I left, and drifted away
I turned from your muppet brigade
I know you hate me, but I don’t care
You’re still shooting but my heart isn’t there no more
No I’m not lost without you
I’m not bored without you
I won’t fall without you

When I finally think the world is mine
I see another girl who makes me cry
I never know what you see in me
One day my sense will get the better of me

For all my innocence and renegade desires
I got a new love,
I got a new love,
I got a new love…