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    I've been tasked with reaching out to you for advice on how best to find kindred musical spirits out there in the ether(net). In return for a 25% discount off any purchase from the shop, I'd like to ask if you could suggest a few artists or bands (or your Aunt Kathy) who you might compare my sound to. I am awful at this craic myself, so don't worry about what you come up with. The general idea is that we'll get a pool of names, and then using the magic of statistics and eh... counting occurrences of names, we will eventually arrive at a reasonable top three to work with. This is just to help us to tick boxes and fill in forms behind the scenes on google, facebook, spotify, etc, which have become a necessity these days. It might be helpful to think of it as, "groups of fans I think this music might appeal to", because essentially that's where we're going with it. These will not feature on billboards or press releases - so don't worry about how it looks. (I'll also be getting someone else to collate the info, in order to avoid the dreaded but inevitable moment when I discover we've received 55 instances of "James Blunt".)

    Yours e'er so gratefully,


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