Nollaig 2013

C'mon 2014 - I'll fight ye!

C’mon 2014 – I’ll fight ye!

“The Christmas” as we tend to call it in Ireland (like old folks speaking about a new technology… the facebook, the twitter, the email) is upon us.  It’s time for evaluation and introspection, celebration and mourning, festivities and preparation.  2013 is almost at an end.  But I won’t delve too deeply into that.  I’d just like to share a few developments with you.

I’ve recently moved to a new job which is slightly more flexible and more amenable to the musical side of my life.  The switch was pretty hectic, but things are settling down now, and I’ve begun to play shows again and reacquaint myself with the outside world.  I’m extremely grateful to get the opportunity again.  With a bit of luck and a lot of hard work, we’ll meet on the road or over the airwaves soon.

In the past month, I’ve played a few shows – a full show at Tricky’s McGarrigle’s in Sligo, a guest slot at the Apollo Sessions at The Bleeding Horse (no horses harmed), and an opener for my old touring friends Storyman (formerly The Guggenheim Grotto) at The Workman’s Club.

I’ve also had the exhilarating experience of treading the boards at Ireland’s national theatre, The Abbey, to close a performance of The Risen People, written about the worker’s lockout in Dublin 1913.  (Being 2013 of course, it’s part of the centenary commemoration of the event.)  It’s a strange experience to walk onstage cold and with pure uncut adrenalin pumping through your system, as everyone else is on the downward end of their curve, to play a song… and then be left with nowhere to put all the excess adrenalin at the end of your 4 or 5 minutes!  I wanted to go out and lift tram carriages over my head afterwards.  It was a once in a lifetime opportunity, which I was honoured to seize.

The Abbey Theatre

We’re currently drawing up plans for 2014, and I can confirm that we will be visiting Germany in March.  We’ll leak further details through all the usual channels as soon as we can.

Thanks so much for your emails, support and belief throughout 2013.  Onwards and upwards.  I promise to follow through on my commitment to more writing and blogging, posting and sharing in the new year…  I swear!  I really need to ease up on my self-editing.  Considering that most people will be focussing on what Rob Ford or One Dimension are saying/doing, my behaviour here should be fine…  Should be.

Nollaig shona agus áthbhliain faoi mhaise daoibh!




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