New Popshifter Interview

I recently did a little phone interview with Paul Casey from a pop-culture blog called Popshifter.  It was published a few days ago, so here’s the link :

I really enjoyed it.  It’s been a while since I’ve done a full interview, so I apologise for my meandering, scattergun descriptions, overuse of pronouns, and general messiness of thought.  I have a tendency to spew verbiage out as quickly as it appears in my head, lest I lose my train of thought, or the words go out of fashion.  I know this is not wise… nor pretty to listen to… although it can be amusing at times.  Sometimes it even gets me into trouble, as it does 24 hour news anchors when they’re asked to riff on a topic for 2 hours straight.  Inevitably random words will align themselves into an unintended insult, a slur, a slogan or a Shakespearean play.  (Yes, I am that group of monkey typists locked in a room.)

Nevertheless, Paul ably wrangled my musings into some sort of structure – so fair play to him!

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