Pre-Chrimbolic Shows in Derry, Belfast & Dublin


We seem to be having some issues with our mailing list settings – some of you recently received mails that are months late.  Everything should be correct now, but we’re still battling the spam filters of the world.  It seems that as soon as you start to put images into emails the spam filters go nuts!  I’ll have to tweak things methinks…

Anyway, I didn’t log in to write about emails…  I came to warn you that I’m coming to your town.  That is, if your town happens to be Derry, Belfast or Dublin.  I’m playing just a handful of small acoustic openers before Christmas, and one triple bill with Colm Lynch and Fiach. It’s been far too long since I’ve been up North, so I’m glad to get back…
1st Dec – Sandino’s, Derry : with John Deery & The Heads
5th Dec – Black Box, Belfast : with John Deery & The Heads
9th Dec – Sweeney’s Mongrel, Dublin : with John Deery & The Heads
22nd Dec – The Cobblestone, Dublin : with Fiach and Colm Lynch

In recent months I’ve had the pleasure of hitting American shores for a solitary gig at The Scratcher in New York’s East Village, and of touching down in Germany for a small tour with the masterful David Geraghty. I haven’t written much about the trips, but I posted a few shots on our facebook page. As soon as I get clearance from Merkel, more stories of our German adventures will be leaked…

Also, we have absolutely ludicrous Christmas deals going in our online shop at the moment. So get your orders for “Fingertips of the Silversmith” and “Wax & Seal” in early!  (Remember to send us a message if you have any special requests.)

Take care now!

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