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I’ve grown tired of the weekly post of tweets that I’ve had automated for a while, so I’ve stopped it.  It stopped working properly a while ago anyway.  I have a few bits and pieces to write about our Eastern European travels.  I’ll be posting them over the next week, but first I want to tell you about PW Radio and PW Records.

At a time when the Irish arts scene is live and kicking, despite the massive financial and chronic lack of funding for contemporary arts – and by contemporary, I mean none of yer high feluttin’ stuff – it’s great to be able to count on support from radio.  PW (or PaddyWhacked) Radio has been broadcasting from Greensboro, North Carolina for quite a while now, and Shawn Fitzmaurice has tirelessly sought out Irish music to play on this Irish music show.

A recent St Patrick’s Day special podcast displays the breadth of music that’s being put out there.  So check the podcasts out.  The playlists are online too, so if you want to find a particular song – all the details should be there…

To save yourself some time, you can also visit the PaddyWhacked Radio shop – PaddyWhacked Records – which showcases some of the music featured on the show.  Huge thanks to Shawn and Natalie for supporting Irish music!

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