Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-12-26

  • -13°C in Dunboyne. So glad we got the electricity back on. Ice age averted. #
  • Shout out for Kilkenny show on 28th Dec! RT @georgepcat: #news #cat Eye of the Tiger – Tiger Cooke takes to Millars #
  • The CIA's "Wikileaks Task Force" or… WTF. #
  • Who Needs Mainstream Anyway?: #
  • Thank you Peter! Much appreciated. RT @2uibestow: @tigercooke just to let you know I included 'out of reach' in my top 10 tunes on the blog! #
  • Just spotted a Brinks security van fish-tailing it in the snow down Sheriffer. Anyone in need of some easy cash? #

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