Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-10-24

  • Seems like as good a day as any to release an album. Let it be so. Fingertips Of The Silversmith – Tiger Cooke… is out now. #
  • Wow. Familiar. "because these were our instructions. I'm just a soldier, you just carry out orders" #RachelCorrie #
  • RT @goldenplec: News: REVIEW: Tiger Cooke – Fingertips of the Silversmith #
  • The trouble with Arsenal is they keep trying to walk it in… actually, it seems to be working out for them. #
  • We're on The View tonight performing Out Of Reach. RTE 1 – 23.15. Toon in! #
  • "Out Of Reach" has just been playlisted on Radio 1. Good stuff! #
  • The French protest over pension reform. If they were here, they'd use bankers for boules, politicians as kindling… #
  • Phil lynott just incorrectly recognised as jimi hendrix in temple bar by a puzzled tourist. #
  • Off to post pre-sale albums to their respective owners in far-flung and flung-far places. Irish & UK posting to follow… Hurrah! #

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