Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-10-17

  • Tried a quick nap before show tonight. Local militia throwing black cat bangers out in the streets. Sounds like the IDF in Gaza outside. #
  • That's either a wide angled lens or a the largest cigar I've ever seen #
  • A load of new Irish dates added to the website. ( More to follow… #
  • Anyone have Geldof's number? I'm looking for a booking agent. #
  • I don't mind the principle of it, nor even the ecological argument… But there's no paper trail or anything. Sweet deal for the festivals. #
  • Sonicbids & many festivals force bands to pay $10 – $45 to apply for music festivals. Any thoughts? Seems like blatant extortion to me. #
  • That photo sums up how I feel right now! Ummmmm… RT @emmaormusic: Go @tigercooke! #
  • RT @donncha: RT @chilean_miner: Great now we've got some sort of massive hole in the ceiling. That is the LAST thing we need #
  • Rather disappointed not to have made this list. RT @PasteMagazine: Five Commonly-Mispronounced Musical Names #
  • Mainly from the ears. RT @jameelajamil: Woken up at 4 am by some frat boy bastard blasting mariah carey…. There will be blood… #
  • "We got confessions by torture" Police & Armies should learn the lessons, or the world's doomed to repeat the cycles. #
  • Really feeling the burn from my new soup and sandwich work-out routine. #
  • Today is the ultimate answer… #

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