Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-09-19

  • What I love about Ireland is not that it's corrupt, but its corruption is completely legal. #
  • The insurance companies should be crucified for this. Millions are affected by this not just musicians. Be rich or die. #
  • RT @nmcmahon: Got my hands on Tiger Cooke's hot new album. Reveling in 10 trks of sweet music bliss. One to watch #
  • Do you think Coveney was drunk when he tweeted that? Honestly, our national debt doubled in 2 years and they're reporting on this nonsense! #
  • I've been reading this blog a lot, so thought I should share. Very informative and an interesting balance: #
  • "How much do artists earn?" Beautiful comparative diagram of earnings needed to reach US min wage : #
  • Maith an fear Mandela. Shame we didn't have more like him. #
  • I'm surfin on a tarmac wave, I've got 50 pounds in silver pennies, from singin in Buchanan St all day… #

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