Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-09-05

  • Dear Tony, Have you seen my shoes? Size 11, black leather, rubber soles? The last time I saw them they were hurtling towards your head. #
  • New Blog Post: New Single and Creative Commons – #
  • "That’s the world that we live in, peace activists are a danger, mass murderers can be driven around with armed guards” #
  • Beautiful. The EC almost justifying their existence. Hope they stick to their guns on this. #
  • RT @QVibration Just completed a new album: collaboration with Stano mainly instrumental (Q Stano – Tralleywaggers) Will be on itunes soon Qx #
  • I'm growing ever more suspicious of An Post's prices. Today the same package cost me 82c and €1.50 to send worldwide. Do they even know?! #
  • That's from our new segment : Random Useless Fact. #
  • Oct 28 1886: World's first ticker tape parade. Wall St traders threw tickers from their windows to celebrate the Statue of Liberty's launch. #
  • Does anyone in Europe/Ireland offer credit card swipers for smartphones/iPhones? Like these #
  • Why does a cheque from an Irish bank to another Irish bank take 5 days to clear? Are ye having fun with our money lads? #
  • RT @nimbupani: What a shame. RT @DarrylToon @markthomasinfo: Shocking. #fb #
  • Douglas Adams used to say that he loved deadlines. He liked the whooshing sound deadlines made as they flew by. I second that emotion. #
  • New Blog Post : Daithí vs Goliath #

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