Daithí vs Goliath

It’s been a while since my last confession, but I come bearing good news.

“Fingertips of the Silversmith”, the new album, has been completed.  The artwork is just being finalised now, and it should be sent to the printers this week.  The album was produced by David Geraghty and recorded in Dublin.  I’ll write more on the whole affair over the next few weeks.

Tiger Cooke - Out of Reach

The first single from the album, “Out of Reach”, has been pressed and is on its way to radio stations around the country.

The single will be available for free download from the website shortly, in exchange for your email address.  The song will be available to embed into your own blogs, websites, friendfaces, tumblrs, highballs and anywhere else you can think of.

We strongly encourage you all to share the songs and spread the music far and wide.  (In the hope that if you DO like our stuff, you’ll return to to support us so we can afford to make another album!)  I’m going to blog about this whole complicated business in depth over the next couple of weeks and months, but… in brief…  we simply can’t compete with the budgets of the major labels (nor even the minor labels) to get TV, radio, billboards, etc, so we must rely on you, the listener, to help us spread the music.  It’s a David & Goliath battle, or Daithí vs Goliath if you prefer…  But daunting as it sounds, it’s a very exciting prospect…

ANY small victory, any bit of exposure you see online, on walls, on television, or overheard on the wireless… that’s not just our achievement;  it’s yours.

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