Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-08-29

  • Goodnight cruel world, and sleep well. You’ll need it. I’m coming to get you in the morning. #
  • Beautiful! RT @donncha: Leinster House To Be Renamed The IMF Stadium – #
  • Out Of Reach single – available to download very sooon. Watch this space! (Very excited, as you can probably tell.) #
  • RT @benallisonmusic: AFM on bill to allow musicians bring their instruments onboard airplanes. Let’s support this pple! #
  • Singles are arriving tomorrow. (CD singles now – not those late night TV3 advert singles!) #
  • I now know my way around htaccess rules a bit. Which hopefully will never ever come in handy again. Eyes bloodshot. But job done. Hurrah. #
  • Cheering for Spurs to go out and beat Young Boys is never going to sound acceptable. #ChampionsLeague #
  • “Ticketmaster Says People Don’t Like Service Fees Because We Don’t Understand Them” Gobshites. #
  • Singles on 26th. Album mastered & Art almost finalised. Phase 2 almost done. Phase 3 (Brainwash Earthlings to “need” new album) commencing. #
  • Is anyone out there experienced with htaccess rewrite rules? Trying to prevent a rewrite loop being triggered from within a url. #
  • Mastering ze new album. Blissful. Also, there’s a film being made outside our window. Wonder if they need any music for the soundtrack? #

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