US Tour Summer 2009 – Bay City

I’ve had some previously unpublished blogs from the US tour this summer that I’ve decided to release into the wild. They’ll be appearing here over the next couple of days. Hope you enjoy!

The Bay City show is the longest show I play on the tour, and it’s a good work-out. Pete, Katie & Laura look after me so well. I’m pretty wired by the time I take the stage so I just close my eyes and go for it. I have not one but three lyrical blanks during the show, which is appalling behaviour! My only excuse is sheer exhaustion. The next time I pass through I promise to be in top physical condition. Or quite coherent at least. The crowd are lovely and receptive and we end up having a wonderful evening in the company of Temporary Limbs, Anna Ash & the Family Tree and Laura Premo.

I was hoping to stick around Bay City, relax a bit, but we’re on a really tight schedule so I have to hightail it myself after the show – and avail of the lift offered by Anna & Andrew. Thanks guys! Thanks to everyone for making the show possible and coming out for the evening.

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